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(HOT)Top 5 Cool Android Apps you will surely Download

Cool Android Apps that you going to love. Hello Readers .. Today I am sharing few android apps that you might had tried. But If not, then you are surely going to give a try to each app I am sharing today. Finding the Best and Useful Apps from Billions of Apps available on Play Store is not an Easy Task. But Don't worry, You don't have to Try Millions of Apps just to Find the Best for you. We had already collected some amazing Android Apps that are worth to Download.

Top 5 Free Android Apps 2015

Almost all of us Owns an Android Phone and We all are very concerned about our Privacy. Android Phone is much secure with Android Screen Lock but Still some of our Nosy Friends or Some Naughty Kids keep their Spy Eyes on our Smartphone while we Enter Lock Screen Password.
Now, Get Rid of these Nosy Friends and Download Smartphone Lock Now. Smartphone Lock is a cool android app that you must have installed in your smartphone if you really want to keep it private from others.
Smartphone Lock Changes your Lock Screen Password every seconds Automatically and you don't have to remember the Password
This App has 3 Options:
Date Pin: If current time is 02:30, then your lock screen’s PIN will be 0230.
Offset Pin: If current time is 02:30, offset is +5 minutes, then your lock screen’s PIN will be 0235.
Reverse Pin: If current time is 02:30 and reverse pin is ON, then your lock screen’s PIN will be 0320.
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2. Lock Me Out
 Are you fighting with your Phone Addiction? Lock Me Out is the app that could work for you.
It is an Interesting App which claims to reduce your addiction of Smartphone. Probably you are Spending a lot of time on Smartphone which you really want to Save . Just give another Cool Android App Lock Me Out a Try.

Lock Me Out Android App automatically Locks your android smartphone for a specific duration for which you want to lock yourself out of using Smartphone.
Cons: Free Version is only limited to lock your smartphone for only 10 minutes .

3. PhotoMath - Make your Maths Earer
PhotoMath is very useful and must have android app if you are weak in Maths. Are you bored of solving your maths problems? Give PhotoMath a try. PhotoMath will solve all basic problems for you within seconds. Whenever you stuck with a problem, Open your Photomath app and point your camera to the problem. The app itself will analyze the problem and give you detailed solution within few seconds.
PhotoMath currently supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms.

4. Accomplish
Accomplish is an another great must have Android App that will definately Increase your Productivity and help you to do your work and Important Tasks on time. Accomplish is an To-Do List that manage your Tasks very effectively. Accomplish not only help you in remembering tasks you have to do, but also let you graphically manage all your tasks and make daily plan easily with integreated daily planner.
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Accomplish let you add all your daily tasks in a To-Do list and graphically arrange them in a order of their performance. You can set different colors for each task and also fix a particular you time you want to spend on each task. Accomplish is must have to-do list app in a Smartphone.

5. Link Bubble Browser for Android 
Link Bubble is an amazing browser which can change the way how you browse Internet. While Surfing Net, we see many links on different webpages that we want to read. Link Bubble let us open that links in the background which help us in continuing our Current Reading Session without any disturbance
How Link Bubble Works Whenever you click any link in an app, Link Bubble loads that webpage in the background, let you keep using your current app rather than your precious time being wasted watching a page load. Once the page has fully loaded, it will animate on screen.
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Final Words: I hope you guys will found these top free android apps quite worthy. Share this post with your friends and let them know about these apps to. Keep visiting for more tricks . Just Enter your Email in below given box and Receive all post updates directly in your Inbox. 
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