Trick to Know your Friend's Crush or girlfriend Name

Here is an another great post for my readers. We all have friends and  they are one of the most important part of our lives. So here I am sharing a trick you can play on your Friend and get his/her Crush Name easily without letting him/her know . This trick is very useful if your friend is not telling you his Crush Name , you can Easily get her crush name with this trick . And all you have to do is to send a link to your friend

How it works ?
It is very Easy to use trick . A site will provide you a link that you have to share with your friend . It look like an love calculator Site . Your friend enter his name and his crush name in that love calculator. And as your friend enter such details an Email will be send to you with all details .
Get a personalized link for you by easily following below steps.

How to know your Friend's Girlfriend Mmake by fooling your friend

1. Visit Ultimate Love calculator Site . Click Here

2. Now Enter your Name and Email to Register.

3. After Registration , You will get your Own personalized Link .(e.g.

4. Copy that Link and Share that link with your friend .

5. Done.

 Now, When your friends Click the link they will be redirected to the page . And as soon as they enter details like his name , his crush name on that page . It will be send to your E-mail Address you provided at the time of registration

  Final Verdict: This is a simple trick to get your friend's crush name easily . If you like this post , please share this post with your friends or any social media using below social links.
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